Couple rings are a unique way to express your love and commitment. They can symbolize your friendship, your abstinence until marriage or your intention to get engaged.

They can also be a reminder of your shared values and show that you are a strong team. You can even personalize your couple rings sets by engraving messages.

  1. Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Rubover Ring in Platinum

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape, adorning about two thirds of all diamond rings. Because of its many facets and high level of brilliance, it’s also the most versatile diamond shape to choose for an engagement ring.

Whether encircling your diamond center stone like a halo setting, or extending across the band in a pave style, this diamond ring will never go out of style. Choose from a variety of sizes and carat weights to find the perfect fit.

A GIA certified F-color VS2 clarity round brilliant cut diamond highlights this elegant platinum rub-over ring design. Its contemporary styling is perfect for modern brides with a love of sophisticated jewellery.

  1. Tungsten and Wood Promise Ring Set

Something magical happens when cool and warm materials come together for an exceptional piece of jewelry. This couple ring set offers that exact combination with a mens wedding band made of durable tungsten and inlaid with rich Koa wood. The wood is sourced from Hawaii and represents integrity and strength – the same qualities that are foundational for a marriage like this one.

Tungsten rings are scratch proof and keep their shine for a lifetime. They are also hypoallergenic, which is great for couples with metal allergies.

A ring symbolizes much more than just a fashion piece or a symbol of commitment; it is a reminder of the love and dedication that two people share. This tungsten and wood wedding band set perfectly embodies that meaning with its bold design and meaningful symbolism.

  1. Snake Band

The snake band is a nature-inspired style that fits well with many types of engagement rings. It’s also a great choice for those who want to embrace their inner strength and vigor. The snake is a symbol of transformation and life, as it sheds its skin and re-births. The double-headed snake is also a common symbol of power and wisdom.

Throughout history, snakes have been a potent symbol of healing. This ring features an engraved snake with sapphire eyes that create a nature-inspired design that can match with many engagement rings.

The ring is also cast in palladium for a hypoallergenic finish. This precious metal is highly durable and is a good option for those who want to avoid nickel allergies. Unlike other metals, it also holds its value over time.

  1. Engraved Engagement Ring Set

Engravings are a wonderful way to adorn an engagement or wedding ring. These inscriptions can impart a variety of meaningful sentiments, from initials to a special date. Some couples even choose to engrave song lyrics or words of wisdom from their favorite book.

The sky’s the limit for what you can engrave on your rings. Some couples are drawn to non-alphabetic inscriptions, such as a mathematical reference or a code that only the two of you understand. These phrases can also reflect shared interests, like a string of programming code or the coordinates of your first meeting place.

Be sure to think about the message you’ll want to engrave before placing your order. Engravings may not be easily removed, and they can impact the resale value of your jewelry in the future.

  1. Textured Band

A classic wedding band can be textured for an eclectic look that’s comfortable to wear. From grooved styles that may seem outdoorsy to more elegant braiding and twisted profiles, this versatile design stands out with a unique texture.

Textured rings are also a great canvas for custom engraving and designs. This includes milgrain, a technique that adds beaded shapes to the edges of the ring for an artistic effect.

Width is another important decision to consider, as a wide band can feel bulky on a small hand. Men often choose a width similar to the size of their engagement ring, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. For men who work with their hands, a narrower option may be more comfortable. A wider ring will be more pronounced and may get in the way of manual labor.

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